How to check smartphone health with TestM


We do every single thing on our smartphones, from online money transactions to play games, from booking flights to clicking selfies, smartphone is an important part of life of every person not only a Tech enthusiast. Our world start crawling slowly when smartphone’s battery get discharge, and probably will stop if something happens to this most important device. There is always a need to take care of our smartphone as in high usage the device may get damage, which ends up in spending a large amount of money either in repairing the device or replacing it with the new one or you are about to buy a second hand smartphone. There is an app which can be used to check smartphone health. The app called TestM is easy to use and you can self diagnose your most beloved smartphone and check functioning of its components. So, here’s,

How to check smartphone health with TestM

Test M

The TestM is the app where our long search stopped, and we found it to be perfect app to check smartphone health, which has a lot of features to do device checkup. The Complete Test feature allows user to self diagnose the components of the smartphone in depth. This has a great utility for people who want to sell or buy a smartphone. The buyer can check out the functioning of the components of smartphone by himself and not only buyer, interested seller can use the app to create a performance report of the device and can share it the social media. App has Quick Test feature allowing you to quickly diagnose the device. So, you can just casually check smartphone health. The app is available on Google Playstore and also on App Store for iOS.

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TestM features & How to proceed, to check smartphone health


The Complete Test feature of TestM as name says provides a deep 5 minutes checkup of all the components of the smartphone. You can also choose the other Quick Test feature, but we recommend you to go for the in depth checkup. For this Tap on the Full Test option at the start or you can find the option by swiping right.

TestM’s User Interface is easy to surf, easy to setup.

The first checkup that is included the app is the Screen test, the process of doing all that is very simple, you just need to do the simple things that app ask you to do. Other than this test, the app includes other 17 tests under the category of Sound, Motion, Connectivity, Hardware and Camera.

The Sound Test includes the loudspeaker test, ear piece test, mic and earphones test. Whereas in Motion checkup, every sensors are tested. In connectivity the hardware radios like Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth are tested. And same is with Hardware and Camera, in which buttons, charging ports and cameras are tested.

The app thoroughly tests all the important smartphone parts to find any problem. All you need to do is follow the instructions given on the screen and self diagnose your device.


After the smartphone has been checked up with the various hardware tests, TestM allows the user to create health report for the device based on the conducted tests. For this you will get option “ Create My TestM Report” right after all the tests get completed. A report card will be created after selecting the option. Scroll down for more information about the device and tests conducted on it.

You can also share the report directly with the buyer. TestM feature of sharing the report directly to the buyer makes it easier for both the buyer and seller to create the deal. Buyer can easily see what he is getting, with the help of detailed TestM report. For sharing the report simply scroll down in “Create My TestM Report” to find “Send Report to Buyer” and then select the medium of sharing the report.


TestM allows user to do a quick checkup of the device, which is, Quick Test. Unlike Full Test Quick Test diagnosis the device only with 3 tests. The first step is the Screen test as it was in Full Test. And other two tests are checking of receivers, speaker and mic. This checking can be used for a routine checkup of your smartphone.

For setting up the reminders for routine checkup. Open the TestM application and swipe right to get a list of options. Scroll down to find the Settings option, select it. After this Tap on “Location push notifications” and set the reminder for the routine quick test.


TestM application not only tests the functioning of smartphone components but also able to check the health status of your device battery. On a single tap app tells the battery status like temperature, voltage, capacity and health. To check this swipe left and from the options select “Battery info”.

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According to us, TestM’s major feature is it’s User Interface. Playstore and App Store may have any other app for the same function, but this app different, and amazingly allows user to do the diagnose their own smartphone without any complicated procedure. Every test is elaborated and instructed properly in a manner that a kid can do all the Test on his own easily. No one might have thought that these checkup can be done so easily. The app is free of any kind of bug and runs smooth. But some features are in the test stages and collecting database, the Find Repair Shop feature is not available for use, and ask for database only. Same is with Internet Speed Test feature, shows, not available in your region. But overall, the app is great in its major function of detailed testing of smartphone hardware and components. We recommend to download it use it once to check smartphone health and routine checkups.

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