China will launch an “artificial moon” to illuminate cities in 2020

China will launch an

A private organization in China claims that it has plans to launch an “artificial moon” – an illumination satellite – in 2020 as reported by the People’s Daily and this artificial moon will be bright enough to replace the lights on the streets.

Information about plans to launch the “artificial moon” was revealed by a representative (Wu Chunfeng) of the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Such a lighting satellite is planned to be launched at least for the city of Chengdu.

The Wu Chunfeng claims that Such an “artificial moon” will be eight times brighter than a real moon and will spread the “Twilight” glow. He added that the testing of this artificial moon was started two years ago and is nearly completed.

China will launch an "artificial moon" to illuminate cities in 2020

He claimed “Using a man-made moon to illuminate an area 50 square km can save 1.2 billion yuan [Rs 1,271 crore] of electric charge,” Wu said. “It can also illuminate blackout areas when natural disasters such as earthquakes happen.”

The developers were inspired by the idea of a French artist, who thought of a series of mirrors above the Earth, which reflect sunlight to the surface of the Earth at night.

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Source: People’s daily