Chris Pine Spotted on the sets of Wonder Woman 2

wonder woman 2 steve trevor first look

Chris Pine might appear in the Wonder Woman 2 as reportedly he has been seen on the set. The production of the movie based on the most successful DC Extended Universe character started earlier than our expectations. Even the director Patty Jenkins previously said that it was going to start filming shockingly soon. The eagerness in bringing the sequel to the screens is somewhat correct as it has been the only movie which was well received by the audiences from DC. So, this seems natural if Warner Bros. is trying to cash in on.that by pushing film rather early. Talking about Chris Pine whose character Steve Trevor was first introduced to us in the Wonder Woman.

The chemistry between Pine and Gadot in the movie became the spine of the already strong script. It because of the portrayal of these characters that sacrifice Steve Trevor near the end made our eyes wet and was impactful. The Screenrant first shared the reports of Pine on the set, however, there is solid proof to back this as the only Instagram picture uploaded by Byron Del Pozo which gave the hint of actor’s presence has been removed. If Steve Trevor is genuinely coming back, it will be interesting to see how director Patty Jenkins builds the story and fit the pieces of the puzzle.

chris pine
The return of the actor to the franchise has to be explained, and there are several theories around the same. As we know that Wonder Woman 2 will be set in the 1980s and if Steve Trevor who seemed to have died 1940s has miraculously survived somehow, then his character will be old. This will appear same as that of Captain America & Peggy Carter relationship which I think the director will avoid. Coming to the second option that Pine may appear in the dreams of Wonder Woman to guide her through the difficult situations. There is also a scenario where his character is resurrected completely.

The details regarding this will come to light as the production progresses. More set photos and videos are the only option we have to rely on till the official news comes out. Lets see how things fall in place and are you excited about the sequel? Do let us in the comments section below.


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