COD 2019: Ex-Naughty Dog devs are helping Infinity Ward in making Campaign mode for rumored MW4

Call of Duty 2019

A number of former Naughty Dog developers joined Infinity Ward for working on 2016’s COD Infinity Warfare, and now they are also working on campaign mode of COD 2019 which is believed to be MW4.

The next Call of Duty has not been revealed yet, but all rumors are hinting toward Modern Warfare 4 to be the next one, and fans are hoping for the same.

Multiplayer is typically the main attraction for the players, but the response Black Ops 4 got on abandoning campaign showed that there are some who still enjoy the single player narrative.

COD 2019: Ex-Naughty Dog devs are helping Infinity Ward

The campaign in Infinity Ward’s last game, i.e., COD Infinity Warfare was very well received, thanks to some of Naughty Dog’s best.

Naughty Dog is known for games like The Last of Us and the Uncharted series. Both titles praised for their exceptional narrative, and characters. The narrative director of Infinity Ward who also worked on Infinite Warfare is from Naughty Dogs.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 reveal date reportedly leaked by GameStop

During a live stream on May 11, one of the Infinity Wards developers explained that former Naughty Dog guys are working with them, and helping with a lot of story stuff.

Although Infinite Warfare’s critical reception was mostly filled with mixed reviews because of its multiplayer potion, the campaign mode was well praised. The track record of these former Naughty Dog developers and return of campaign mode in the next Call of Duty 2019 could be proved good for Activision.

COD 2019 or MW4 will be revealed in late May or early June. Call of Duty has already confirmed that they’re featuring in E3.


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