COD Black Ops 4 pass owners gets 2x tier boost during operation

COD Black Ops 4 pass owners

Treyarch is trying to keep the Black Ops 4 more active among the players as the new Operation. After the latest game settings update, the company is giving pass owners 2x tier boost to give them the ability to rank faster during the Operation.

Also, some Black Ops pass owners are reporting that they are also getting 5 free reserve crates in the game upon logging in.

COD Black Ops 4 pass owners

According to tweets of the players, even if one of the party members has the Black Ops Pass, the entire party gets 2x Tier Boost just like Fortnite as long as they are in the group.

This would be one of the first bonuses, Activision is giving to the Black Ops pass owners as many fans have been complaining about the lack of content for the Pass owners.

Treyarch has not released a word concerning this matter.


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