COD Modern Warfare will be free to play like Fortnite, Apex Legends | MW2 remastered campaign got PEGI rating

Infinity Ward

Fans are pretty excited and gearing up for the official announcement of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare after speculations of many months. Many players are whirling about what campaign will look like, and many are fuzzing over multiplayer. However, they won’t have to wait longer as the game reveal date is near.

COD: Modern Warfare will be free to play

YouTuber  LongSensation has been pretty active with on spot information regarding the development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The YouTuber recently stated that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be the most conversational Call of Duty to date. He also listed some free to play games that are currently available with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at the end.

When it comes to the game being free to play, Kotaku revealed that Activision is considering free to play revenue for Call of Duty 2019.

If the game will be completely free to play like Fortnite and Apex Legends, then there is a possibility that Activision will make a profit out of the game with exclusive cosmetics and paid DLC only. With this gamble, they may succeed in capturing a PC player market which is currently leaning toward free to play battle royale games.

MW2 remastered campaign

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

In addition to the new game, there is also a hype revolving about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 remastered. LongSensation’s recent tweet regarding MW2 confirmed that the remastered is on its way. He stated that COD MW2 remastered campaign is in development and recently got PEGI rating.

No confirmed announcement has been made of any of speculations regarding Call of Duty 2019 or MW2 remastered, but very soon everything will be in front of us.


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