Comicstaan Cast – Tanmay Bhat, Kaneez Surka, Kenny Sebastian, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Sapan Verma, Naveen Richard, Abish Mathew, Sumukhi Suresh

Comicstaan is a new reality series launched by Amazon Prime Video which boasts the most popular stand-up comedians in India who are on a lookout for fresh talent in Standup Comedy. From the premise perspective this may not look unique as in the past few years we have seen several comedy shows both on TV and Digital front. However, in these few years, a lot has changed in the comedy area with the advent of Stand-up Comedy. Now the genre has been divided into two bits one that you can enjoy with your families and one that you enjoy with your friends, targeted towards young audience because of its adult content. Both of these have their audiences, but as per me, standup comedy offers you more fresh and crude content that makes you laugh as well as think.

Hence, focusing on this trendy genre Amazon Prime Video brought together names like Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Naveen Richard, Kaneez Surka,Kenny Sebastian, Tanmay Bhat, and Sapan Verma to choose the best standup comedian across India. So, let’s dive in to find out what new it has to offer, or it is the same as any other reality show on TV.

Comicstaan Review

A Glimpse Into Comicstaan

In this 9 episode series, we get to see the 7 Judges searching for ten contestants from the cities Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The selected ten contestants will perform in front of the judges and the live audience to prove their mettle as the best stand up comedian. The highlight of the show is that each episode will be focused on the particular genre of comedy on which one of the judges will mentor the ten contestants. This very premise makes each episode more exciting and you get to see various flavours of comedy. The concept also makes it easier for judges and the live audience to compare the performances of contestants which no other comedy shows have done before.

In the very first episode, we are introduced to the judges, and the ten contestants are finalised from these three cities. The second episode puts these hand-picked contestants against each other with Biswa Kalyan Rath as their mentor for popular comedy. The audience also gets to give points to the contestant along with the judges. The show will see no elimination and the winner will be selected based on the score aggregated by him/her at the end of all rounds. Here show adds a twist that mentors will also get a score which is sum total of all contestants at the end of the episode. So, mentor having the highest score is the winner.

Comicstaan Review

To be honest, before watching this series I had doubts about the success of it, as I never liked reality shows but the whole concept and exceptional talent have got me hooked to it. Each episode is unique in its own and offers you much-needed relief after the tiring day at work. To brief you till now four episodes have been released with three episodes based on the rounds where chosen 10 contenstants battle it out. The first round was mentored by Biswa Kalyan Rath, second by Tanmay Bhatt, third by Sapan on different types of comedies.

Final Verdict of Comicstaan

Comicstaan is no doubt a good comedy reality show that has much to offer with its great judges, superb contestants but the thing that stands out is the unique concept of the different types of comedy of which a general audience like me have no knowledge about. However, the series may find it difficult to capture a right amount eyeballs with thriller series Sacred Games going rampant across India. Also, there are few low points in the series like the normal set alongwith that it should have gone little bit more in the detail of selection process to make audience connect with it.

No doubt Amazon Prime Video has done lots of promotion for the series, and it surely packs a punch. So, if you are in the mood for some chill, the good laugh or don’t know what to do after watching Sacred Games, Comicstaan is the best place you can be.

The first four episodes are out and you can watch them on Amazon Prime.

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