How to compress image size without loss of quality: Step-by-Step

We all love to take snaps and sharing them on social media and we share them without thinking much about the size, but in some circumstances we need to upload image in a limited size, like can’t send images because of the size limit of the mail attachment. So, we need to compress the photos, in doing that quality of the image loses. But you can compress images without quality loss. So, here’s

How to compress images without quality loss.

Photo quality comparision after Compression.

STEP 1 –

In the very first step, you need to download the app, JPEG Optimizer, which is available on Google Playstore for free. This app will allow you to compress large photos into smaller sized photos with very less or negligible loss in quality.
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STEP 2 –

After downloading and installing is done. Open the JPEG Optimizer app, and click on Allow to give required permissions for the app to work.

Select Allow

STEP 3 –

After allowing the required permissions, next step is to select the image document for compression. For this tap on the small photo icon, in lower right (as in screenshot). And select the image from RECENT files.

STEP 4 –

After the image has been selected, you can select the Parameters option in the top right corner (as in screenshot), in which you can select the Quality Factor and Dimensions of the respective photo. After customising both the options, select OK for final customized compression.

STEP 5 –

Final step is to save the compressed photo. For this select the Save icon on the top right corner. And select Save JPEGs from the three options.

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