Major Cosmic Character Killed in Marvel Infinity Wars!

Major Cosmic Character Killed in Infinity Wars!

The comic series Infinity Wars is turning out to have a one-of-a kind storyline. The first issue saw Gamora killing Thanos and revealing herself as the Requiem and now Marvel has killed a major cosmic character in Infinity War #2!

Spoiler Alert – Spoilers incoming for Infinity Wars #2!

Presently, the Infinity Stones are held by the most powerful heroes in the whole Universe. But, at the end of the issue 2 of Infinity Wars, that isn’t the case anymore.

Major Cosmic Character Killed in Infinity Wars!

After claiming the life of Thanos, Gamora sets out to claim the other stones with brute force. She already held the Power Stone in her new lethal sword, she then claims Reality Stone from Captain Marvel and then uses her new Stone to fool the other heroes, taking the Mind and Time Stones as well!

And then she sets out to take the Soul Stone from Warlock, Gamora says, “I would speak with you Warlock, but I know you will die before yielding. So let’s get on with it.” She then throws her sword towards the Warlock and beheads him. The Soul Stone also falls out as his head drops to the ground.

Major Cosmic Character Killed in Infinity Wars!

Then she says, “You’ll come back, anyway. You always do.” As Warlock’s body starts to fade out of existence his cocoon is shown, showing that he has returned there.

Gamora will get the space stone as well in some time and accomplishing at least part of her goal. But it is yet to be seen that will Warlock return in Infinity Wars or he’s gone to sleep for a long time. Last time he returned to his cocoon it was a while before fans saw him again, but hopefully, he’ll come back sooner than before.

Major Cosmic Character Killed in Infinity Wars!

Infinity Wars #2 is written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Mike Deodato Jr. with colours by Frank Martin and Letters by VC’s Cory Petit. You can find the official description below. –

“Who is Requiem? Who controls the Infinity Stones? The war has begun to control Infinity and the war has come to Earth!”

What do you think of Gamora? Even after Thanos gone, Is he still stuck in Gamora’s mind? Do share your views in the comment section below!

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