CounterStrike Global Offensive update patch notes released


Valve has released a new update patch for CounterStrike Global Offensive. This update is not a major update but still, it has brought updates for character models on certain maps and also boost teammates ability for casual mode

The CS:GO  includes updated FBI character models for Nuke, Agency, and Office Map. With this new update, many players just want to play on the CT sides of these maps

CounterStrike Global Offensive update

Boost ability has been added to the Casual, Domination, and Flying Scoutsman game modes. It is an ability which allows the player to jump on top of teammate and scout the area, this ability was previously only limited to the competitive mode, but now it is also available for casual play

CounterStrike Global Offensive update

The full patch notes for CS:GO update can be read below


  •  Updated FBI character models have been deployed to Nuke, Agency, and Office.
  • Enabled MP5-SD in official Competitive Matchmaking.
  •  Added a new setting “mp_solid_teammates 2” which enables standing on top of teammates while still allowing to walk through them. The feature is now enabled in official Casual, Demolition, and Flying Scoutsman game modes.


  • This update includes an updated version of for Linux dedicated servers which has multiple threading and integration fixes. For a limited time and old version of can still be used on CS:GO Linux dedicated servers.


  •  The 2018 Inferno collection and 2018 Nuke collection are now available as rank-up drop
  • Updated alpha channels on the SSG 08 and Mac-10 in the new 2018 Inferno collection.
  • Fixed rare cases where audio device configuration will not save properly.
  • Fixed the Beartooth Music Kit to respect MVP music volume.


  • Fixed a VRAM leak in threaded Open GL contexts on OSX and Linux.
  • Fixed a rare mouse left-click issue on OSX
  • Multiple performance improvements for OSX and Linux clients.
  • Added support for DDS files using DXT3 compression.
  •  Added support for DDS encoded PNG files.



  • Made corridor leading to ramp room from T side slightly wider
  •  Moved doors connected to trophy room slightly
  •  Changed CT team to FBI


  • Removed angled pieces on bombtrain in A site
  •  Improved player collision on bombtrain in A site
  •  Added grenade collision to ceiling of heaven in A site


  • Made windows fully breakable instead of partially
  •  Fixed snowman’s hat not falling off when getting shot in the snow-head.
  •  Smoothed out movement on stairs
  • Widened openings by CT spawn and truck in garage
  • Moved some furniture in T spawn
  • Fixed some minor graphical glitches
  • Tweaked lighting in CT spawn