CouRage Expressed His Complaint With Fortnite On Twitter After Release Of Season 7


A former member of Optic Gamings or former Call Of Duty eSports player CouRage took to Twitter and express his gripes towards the Fortnite after the removal of both of his favourite places.

With the Fortnite Season 7 launch, Epic Games have removed the Greasy Grooves and Risky Reels from the map. Greasy Grooves has been replaced with the snowy area while a new creative feature “The Block” has been introduced in place of Risky Reels in Fortnite. Both of the places were the favourite landing spots of the CouRage, that’s why he poked Fortnite on Twitter following the Season 7 release.

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CouRage Express His Complaint With Fortnite On Twitter

“My favourite landing spot, Greasy Grove, has been covered in ice,” joked CouRage. “My second favourite landing spot, Risky Reels, has now been replaced by a giant concrete slab called The Block. WHY?”

There is a large layer of cement in place of the Risky Reels which is known as “The Block”. There is nothing over there to loot or collect resources. But, at the Game Awards 2018, Donal Mustard, the Worldwide Creative Director of Fortnite announced that the best and the coolest design for a location made by players on Fortnite creative mode would be featured in Fortnite by replacing the concrete or “The Block”.

The Blocks In Fortnite

So, CouRage can now bring back the Risky Reels or Greasy Grooves by creating the best design of them to get featured in the concrete area.



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