CS:GO Battle Royale Mode And New Operation Update Release Date And Time

CS:GO Battle Royale

After much anticipation and hype, valve postponed the CS:GO Wednesday’s update to Thursday. CS:GO developers took to Twitter to announced the delay. A possible reason for the delay is the rumoured CS GO Battle Royale /Survival mode and new operation mode release along with the update.

It will be the big update since Operation Hydra. Players are very hyped about it but also disappointed by the delay. If the CS:GO battle royale is happening for sure then postponement to manage such huge content is justifiable.

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CS:GO Battle Royale Update Timings

As said by the developers, CS:GO update will release on Thursday instead of Wednesday. New CS:GO update will be released near 7 PM UST. As time will be different in different countries, so plan the update according to your timezone.

CS:GO Update Patch Notes

CS:GO Battle Royale

Rumours are spreading like fires that new CS:GO update patch notes will include the much-awaited survival mode. It will be the battle royale mode of the CS:GO, featuring larger maps than usual CS:GO maps, flares, pulses, new guns, rocket launchers and many more new items. Apart from the CS:GO battle royale mode, we may get a new CS:GO operation.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Counter Strike Global Offensive.


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