Cubemonsters spawning rate reduced by the Epic Games, confirmed on Reddit

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Cube Monsters has already created a lot of trouble for the Fortnite professional players at the Fall Skirmish. Following the backlash, the Epic Games has disabled the Cube monsters from the professional competition.

Now, a new announcement has come up through Reddit, mentioning that Epic Games has lowered the rate of dynamic spawners in the Fortnitemares playlist

Cubemonsters spawning rate

Fortnite CUBE Opening

Many players have raised an issue concerning, the Cube monster high spawning rate and is prevalent at the end of the game.

To correct this Epic Games has made an announcement and reduced the number of dynamic spawners from the Fortnite Playlist

Phase 1: from 85 to 85 (unchanged)
Phase 2: from 40 to 25
Phase 3: from 30 to 15
Phase 4: from 10 to 7
Phase 5: from 10 to 5
Phase 6: from 10 to 5
Phase 7: from 5 to 3
Phase 8: from 5 to 3
Phase 9: from 5 to 3

Now you dive in the game quick to get yourself a Victory Royale even in the Fortnitemares event.