Dataminers Leaked New Fortnite Butterfly Event Meshes, Audio Files

New Fortnite Butterfly Event

With the release of Fortnite v6.21 update, Data miners are working hard to dig deep into the files and reveal any upcoming events.

In the data mining results of a popular tipster, @siloxleaks has shared some insights on the upcoming event in the Fortnite.

New Fortnite Butterfly Event Meshes, Audio Files

Well, this leak is weird and it is somewhat related to earlier Season 5 Leaks where we heard Dinosaur sounds.

The new leaks suggest Butterfly event in the game, and the popular leaker has also shared an audio file supporting this leak which has some strange noises

To add icing on the cake, @siloxleaks has also shared another tweet, where Butterfly file is found within the Pets folder.

So, the question here arises, could butterfly be a pet or something else.

Another leaker named @gambitanimating has shared his side of leaks on the Butterfly event.

He has shared a detailed image for Butterfly Character Flipbook on his Twitter handle and has discovered numerous Butterfly meshes

New Fortnite Butterfly Event Meshes

He has also shared a supporting theory to it, which says the butterfly flipbook I just posted about is used in this mesh for butterflies, and it’s a bunch of small particles pretty much using this texture, maybe each butterfly will be made out of like a random character and it’ll be a bunch of characters, not a butterfly,” mused @gambitanimating.

But we really wonder, does it has to do anything with the upcoming in-game event on 4th November.

Let us know in the comments section, what do you think about these weird noises


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