DB super Episode 128-129 : Confirmed Spoilers

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DB super Episode 128-129 : Confirmed Spoilers 

As we already know that Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end and will terminate on 25th March 2018. Also, only four minutes left in ending of Tournament of Power.

In last episode we saw, one of our favourite character Android 17 self destructed himself in order to protect Goku and Vegeta. Episode 127 was really an emotional breakdown, fans still can’t stop crying. As it was such an unexpected and inevitable death in Tournament of Power.

Returning towards this post, we have the confirmed titles of episode 128 & 129 which clears everything. Even before reading the summary the title summed up everything.

 Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 (Release Date:- 17th Feb)  

Title- “Prideful till the end! Vegeta Falls!” 

“The invincible man, Jiren! When Vegeta challenges him, what is his fate?!”

Seeing Goku injured head to toe, Vegeta faces off against Jiren on his own! While being hit by Jiren’s fierce attacks, Vegeta still holds on to his Saiyan pride?!”

Now what’s going next. There’s something more;

It’s really a heart breaking title. The word “Vegeta Falls” clears that he is going to be eliminated this time. As in preview, we already have seen Vegeta fighting with Jiren in exhausted form. Jiren was just playing with him. Also Vegeta face off against Jiren all alone to give some time to Goku. After seeing Vegeta’s elimination, Goku will never forgive Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 (Release Date:-3rd March) No Episode on 24th February

Title:- “Breakthrough the limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!”

The moment comes when Goku finally mastered his ultra instinct. In his new form, he will be much stronger, faster and lingerer. Even God can’t achieve this form of ultra instinct. The word “Breakthrough the limit” shows that he is already in his limit breaker form. Last 2 episodes will only focus on Goku vs Jiren fight one on one.


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