DC Universe: Launch Date Confirmed For Batman Day

DC Universe: Launch Date Confirmed For Batman Day

DC had already officially announced their very own streaming service – DC Universe. And now it has been confirmed that the service will be launched on the Batman Day, which is 15th September. DC is going to take into the internet streaming arena with a creation of a digital space that will house almost everything from DC.

DC Universe: Launch Date Confirmed For Batman Day


DC has already have said that DC Universe will be a portal to every DC content. The service will be home to TV shows, Movies and an extensive library of digital comics for fans to read any time they want. Also, there will also be a daily show committed to delivering DC related news. Kevin Smith will host the live-stream and he was the one to confirm the date of the launch of the service

The launch is set for 15th September, which means that there are almost 2 weeks left for it. The fans can even pre-order their subscriptions to enjoy the subscription from day one. Also, it’s the Batman Day, it is likely that there will be content dedicated to the Dark Knight.

DC Universe: Launch Date Confirmed For Batman Day

But this is just a start for the service. DC Universe will be the platform were all the future TV shows will be streamed and it will be a one spot point for all the fans for anything they want to watch. They’ve already announced a ton of original shows that will come to the service both in live-action and animation. Also, DC Universe will be the point from where the exclusive news will be coming from.

It’s nice to know when the service will be launched and the content coming with it. Go and pre-order the service to enjoy the Batman Day with some real Dark Night drama.

DC Universe: Launch Date Confirmed For Batman Day

What do you think about this service? Are you excited to see the service? Do let us know your views in the comment section below!

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