Deadpool 2 Gets a Hilarious Celine Dion Music Video!


Deadpool, the movie is known for its entertaining story and unusual marketing campaigns that spiked interest in the film around two years back. Now the Merc with the mouth is set to return in Deadpool 2 with his team named X-Force. There is a lot of anticipation around the movie and a slight worry that will it be able to outrun the success of prequel. The trailers till now point towards the positive direction and we are hyped to see how Deadpool kicks ass with Cable around this time. The marketing campaigns for the Deadpool 2 kicked in quite early, and they have made us chuckle once again.

Now in a new gimmick, 20th Century Fox has released a music video for the Deadpool 2. Yes, you read it right, and the music video is not some rock track with the action-packed video. However, its a romantic number sang by diva Celine Dion. The song titled Ashes is quite catchy, and you will find yourself humming it for sure. Deadpool’s marketing team always finds a unique and bizarre way to promote the movie and this one is somewhere right at the top.

The music number opens with Celine Dion singing in her melodious voice, and the hilarious part comes in when Deadpool drops in wearing heels. And oh boy! after that, he shows off some classic dance moves that can make a good dancer sweat. The ending of the track is simply spectacular as Deadpool praises her and asks her to sing once again as there were some errors in it. Then usually calm, Celine Dion says some cuss words and calls him Spiderman. The video will surely make you laugh and you will enjoy the beautiful number. Just listen to this musical and also don’t forget to watch Deadpool in those heels laying some serious moves.

Things like these that make Deadpool movies completely stand out and keeps you engaged with their uniqueness. As lately there has been an abundance of superhero movies, and Deadpool feels like a breeze of fresh air that can take a jab at any of your favorite characters which makes you laugh out loud. Also, check the new clip from the movie where Merc with the mouth is trying to save the fat kid on a red scooter while mocking Domino’s powers. The clip shows him saying double meaning dialogues in his unique and funny way.

Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, and Jack Kesy with David Leitch at the helm. Deadpool 2 arrives in theatres on May 18, and we are ready to aboard this another crazy ride.