Deadpool 2 First Reactions Tease a Madness & Spectacular Post Credits Scene


Get ready with your chimichangas as the Merc with the mouth will hit the theaters in another seven days. The hype around Deadpool 2 has been real, and it has gone to just another level after the fantastic videos launched past 15 days. First, we got ourselves the Celine Deon featured music video, then came along Hugh Jackman and now football star David Beckham is here with Deadpool to make us laugh our assess off. Deadpool was the movie that changed the dynamics of superhero movies, and now the anticipation around the sequel is quite high. Ahead of its release next week a premiere was held, and the first reactions are out.

As the reactions have hit the web and they promise a whole lot more of the meta-madness and self-referential comedy. Overall the reviews are positive, and fans are especially going gaga over the post-credits which have left them shell-shocked. This could be the very reason why a few days back Deadpool asked fans to keep shush about the movie and Don’t spoil it for anyone else. Deadpool is undoubtedly following in the footsteps of mad titan Thanos who made the same request.

Talking about the reviews, it looks like Fox has done a damn good job of giving a worthy sequel. In addition to this, the plot of the movie is entirely kept under wraps, and even the official synopsis is fake. The only points we know about the film is that Deadpool will be facing time traveling mercenary Cable portrayed by Josh Brolin. In quest of fighting against the Cable Deadpool will form a team X-Force that will consist of Zazie Beets‘ Domino, Terry Crews‘ Bedlam and Lewis Tan‘s Shatterstar, and of course Rob Delaney‘s Peter.

The film will hit the theaters near you on May 18. Below you can check out the reactions after the screening. Do let us know your expectations from the movie.




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