DHUND Short Film Review- The Hidden sin in the Fog

It is the Perfect 10 winner at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

Dhund, meaning ‘fog’ in English, as the name suggests is the story of a Punjabi Family and the events that take place with them during the time of Independence.  It is a 24 minute long, short film. The story is set back in the time when India had just gained Independence and the partition had taken place.  This short film has been made under the banner of Barrel Select, Large and Short films. It is the Perfect 10 winner at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

DHUND Short Film

DHUND Short Film

The film opens and the audience is introduced to Baapuji, a name commonly used to address the grandfather in a normal Punjabi household.  He urges his son to quit his habit of drinking. He finds a letter in the room of his late wife, the letter that changes it all. It was ten years back in 1947, when India and Pakistan had become separated, Baapuji made all efforts for his Muslim friend to safely reach the borders of Pakistan. While doing so, his elder son too gets killed. Even after 10 years, when everything has settled down, Baapuji wonders why his friend never tried contacting him. The letter of his wife solved all his questions. It was due to his younger son, he tried to rape his friend’s daughter and he mistakenly killed his elder brother. A gunshot is heard at the end by the audience does not get to see who was killed at the end, the father or the son.

DHUND Short Film  Review- The Hidden sin in the Fog

Director Sudeep Kanwal does a fine job of making his short film look like a doomed journey.  Gunshots are the most important part of the film. Vipin Sharma is terrific, unrecognizable as the upright Sikh father caught in a whirlwind of inner conflict and also the other characters interaction has been portrayed in a great way.

It can certainly be called a good short film. Especially, the storyline is different and fresh, something like no has portrayed yet. We recommend you to give it a watch and let us know in our comment section.


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