Dialga will replace Palkia as the next raid boss in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Dialga

The next raid boss for Pokemon Go game has been leaked by a Twitter user. Earlier, Palkia was announced as the raid boss for all of February.

The next legendary Pokemon which will be replacing Palkia is Dialga which is a dragon-steel type Pokemon.

This leak has been revealed out by a popular Pokemon Go news leaker ‘StardustPokemonGo’. In the tweet, one can also see all the respective details of the upcoming raid boss Dialga.

According to the leak, Dialga will replace the Palkia on February 28th. The maximum CP of the raid boss will be 48742. Catching the Pokemon at Level 20 will give it 2307 CP while at level 25 with snowy/windy weather boost will give it 2884 CP.

Well, it is still a leak so this information can’t be believed 100% but the Twitter leaker ‘StardustPokemonGo’ has always given credible leaks earlier.

Talking about the Raid Boss counters, as we know the Dialga is Steel-Dragon type pokemon we think this below-mentioned list of Pokemon will do well against Dialga.
1) Machamp
2) Blaziken
3) Groudon


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