Dice Media, Adulting Episode-1 Review, Sudden Life Adversities Produce Hustlers

Dice Media- Adulting

Dice Media presents A Dice Media Original “ADULTING”. A series directed by JESSICA SADANAstarring AISHA AHMED, SHEEBA CHADDHA and YASHASWINI DAYAMA. The trailer of the series already made the viewers so intriguing to watch what precisely adulting is all about as the trailer gave a peek of the mischievousness and struggle of two twenty something women during adulting, which is a mundane  task for those who stay away from their home and bear those independent adulting responsibilities.

Dice Media- Adulting


The episode-1 of the series came out really awesome as it precisely served you the perks and plights of adulting with the issues and solution to manage them. “Everyone has this universal understanding of roommate drama”,you and your roommate are the craziest but still the bestest for each other in odd times or any kind of support, you become each other’s family. It opens with a scene where Ray and Nikhat in the car returning back from a concert of Justin Bieber and discussing its worthlessness and regretting for the amount they splashed out on alame party. Next day, its Nikhat’s birthday and Ray forgets like it happens with many of us LOL! then when their made wishes Nikhat ‘happy birthday’, Ray apologize for forgetting and compensating it with a party but Nikhat tells her that she is left with no money, pondering!, they both ahead for office. Ray assigns her thinking faculty to look for something best to make the celebration of Nikhat’s birthday memorable, obvio for the sake of camaraderie. From trying to play cash winning question-answer game on LOCO app to buying the cheapest items from the grocery shop to make Nikhat’s birthday a special one. “Every struggling bachelor can relate with the feeling when your phone beeps for money debit message”, this is an emotion you don’t understand which reaction suits best, ‘A smile’, ‘Frowned Eyebrows’ or ‘An insipid expression’. It does look like Sarcasm at times! Same happens with Ray while she is trying hard to arrange something good for at a grocery store, her phones for beeps showing some debit messages and she ends up buying cheapest  stuffs to surprise her and she really makes her day.

Why a Bang On?

A very much relatable content for the youth who is experiencing the basic perks of being independent and learning to manage responsibilities. “Unexpected Ebb and Flows and challenges in life Makes You an Abrupt Hustler”. The series nicely portrayed the harsh times a person can encounter and the best part is it also gives you some tips or i would say teaches you to be little patient when things are outta control or doesn’t seem going your way. A praise-worthy presentation  by DICE MEDIA and the STARS to show us how life can unexpectedly make you confront the ups and down nad you also unknowingly become an abrupt hustler to manage your pace.



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