Dice Media presents A Dice Media Original “ADULTING”. An upcoming series directed by JESSICA SADANA, starring AISHA AHMED, SHEEBA CHADDHA and YASHASWINI DAYAMA. Dice Media is a Premium digital video division of Pocket Aces. It creates engaging video properties for the Indian millennial.

Dice Media Adulting

The trailer of the aforesaid series clearly displays that it’s gonna be something about the almost grownups who attempt to live a life on their own terms. Imagining every situation and enjoying every perk of an adult’s life as they just stepped out of their college lives. Let’s see what awaits them in the journey of adulting.

Series seem to make us peek into the daily life and mischievousness of two twenty-something women: Ray & Nikhat, as they try to make it through adulthood in their own unique way. From the makers of Little Things and What The Folks (WTF!) comes “Adulting”, a coming of age story about two young women trying to handle the responsibilities of being independent adults in the fast-paced, urban bustle of Mumbai. Portraying the daily life and struggles of around pre-20’s women: Ray & Nikhat, as they try to understand and experience adulthood in their own out of the box way. This is India’s first web-series to have a mostly-female team right from the director, writers, editor, principal cast, assistant director team, line producer, and several other key positions. An original series by Dice Media – A Pocket Aces channel.

Dice Media’s previous series, ‘What The Folks’ was a journey of how modern families broke stereotypes, overcame generation gaps, and grow to love one another, despite having starkly different world views. The show portrays the familial struggles of Nikhil, a young man who is forced to live with his in-laws for a few weeks.
Episode 1 of Adulting is going to be served on April 18.


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