Dice Media What The Folks Season 2 Review, Episode 1 – Heart Touching & Lovable Story

What The Folks Season 2 Review

Dice Media is back with another of their heart touching and amazing series. The first episode of What the Folks Season 2 is out and it looks just amazing! It is basically in the continuation of the first season. Its story opens a few months after the events of the first season. Now Nikhil and Anita are settled in the outskirts of Mumbai city. The most exciting part of season 2 is the exclusive cast, senior actors Shishir Sharma and Renuka Shahane joining Veer Rajwant Singh (Nikhil) and Eisha Chopra (Anita). (What The Folks Season 2 Review)

After meeting the cool and chilled out Sharma family in season 1, the audience will get to meet the Solanki family in season 2 who are the parents of Nikhil. After Nikhil and Anita have settled in the city, Nikhil’s parents have decided to pay them a short visit. After a long and tiresome journey, they somehow manage to reach their new home. They are happy to see their new house that is bigger than the previous one. The mother emphasizes that ‘his son’ has bought such a big house, this statement makes Anita feel a bit weird.

What The Folks Season 2 Review

After they freshen up, they all sit for dinner. After the dinner is over, the family decides to go on a short walk, where the parents try to inquire them about the loans for the house which makes both of them feeling awkward. Later, when they lay down in their beds, Nikhil and Anita have a small argument about small issues, when suddenly their mother knocks and tell them that his father hasn’t arrived from the walk yet. (What The Folks Season 2 Review)

Keep watching to know why his father hasn’t arrived? What will they do now? Will they call the police? Or something bigger is yet to come? Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

What The Folks Season 2 Review

What The Folks Season 2 Review

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