Disney made Electronic Arts to Suspend Microtransactions in Star Wars Battle Front 2


Disney has convinced Electronic Arts to temporarily suspend all sorts of micro transactions from the game Star Wars Battle Front 2. It is an action shooter video game developed by EA DICE and Electronic Arts.

Since its release,game has received several disapprovals from critics and players over the micro transactions in the game to level up the players.

Being an unadvantage to the players who are utilising their skills in game to level up their character or unlock new character,but in game micro transactions allows the players to level up the character by spending real money with lower cost and unlocking top-tier characters, like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Lower cost of the players or other boost up were done, over an earlier response to the players and gaming community who downvoted a reddit post more than 600k times, briefing about the insane prices of top tier characters for unlock in Star Wars Battle Front 2.

This has created a certain imbalance in the game progression for the players who wants to play game skillfully.

Many of the big media has reported this such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

In hue of large uproar and criticism from all the media houses, Disney doesn’t want to have further damage on their brand.

Disney’s own Star Wars division, has convinced Electronic Arts to temporarily suspend all the cosmetic items and gameplay-related rewards from Lootcrates and any other sort of microtransactions.