Beta version of DLive Android app launched

DLive Android App

DLive Android App

DLive is ready to move into new territories and has released its Beta version DLive Android App on its website. The blockchain based live-stream service has received a strongly positive response over the past year. It has already gathered half a million monthly active users.

What is DLive?

DLive Android App
DLive Homepage, DLive Android App

DLive started as a blockchain based streaming service in October 2017. The main goal of Dlive was to counter all the issues faced by streamers as well as users on various streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch,, etc. Instead of using real cash, DLive uses its own decentralized cryptocurrency called Steem.

Why DLive for Streamers?

DLive noted that most streaming services extracted a huge amount of loyalty from streamers on their earnings. Services like Twitch take as much as 50% of the streamers income for themselves. To stop this unfairness, DLive will allow streamers to earn as much as they can without charging a fee or royalty.

The payment system for most streaming sites is plain money. The transactions are tedious and many times unsafe. To counter this, DLive uses Steem, its own blockchain based cryptocurrency. Transactions are safe and decentralized.

Many streaming services levy a minimum target for streamers. This prevents small time streamers to make any money. Services like require a streamer to have collected at least $200 in their wallet to be able to cash them out. It also places a ceil of $600 so that streamers can’t earn more than $600 in a day. This significantly reduces their earning potential. DLive applies no maximum or minimum limit on the amount of money a streamer makes and cashes out.

DLive android app
Steem on DLive Android App

Why DLive for Users?

As for the users, they have to deal with pesky pop-up ads like in Youtube and have a really bad experience. DLive has promised that it won’t allow pop-up ads on its platform so that the audience has a great time too.

Finally, DLive will have no censorship of content. Most streaming services have a heavy and unfairly strict set of rules for what is allowed on a stream and what is not. DLive guarantees that it won’t have censorship except for a few basic rules. It is a boon to many modern artists who do not have a proper portal to display their content on.

DLive Android App and its Impact

The DLive Android App will allow DLive to go mobile and let you watch streams from anywhere. It hopes to build on its already huge popularity and will bring quality content to everyone, everywhere, every time. Currently, the app is in Beta version and is available only on the DLive website. You can download it as an apk and install on your device (make sure you check “allow apps from unknown sources” option in the settings).

We certainly hope to see DLive grow into the streaming platform it aspires to be. There are very few streaming platforms that put user experience before their greed and DLive looks like it cares.