Doctor Strange 2 will possibly feature Brother VooDoo and Clea

Doctor Strange 2 will possibly feature Brother VooDoo and Clea Photo

Marvel Phase 4 release dates for the next 3 years has been confirmed by Disney. One of the much-awaited movies is Doctor Strange 2 as many fans are eager to know what’s in store for the sorcerer after Avengers: Endgame. A recent leak has revealed that Doctor Strange 2 will possibly feature Jericho Drumm/Brother VooDoo and Clea.

This was leaked by @RogerWardwell on Twitter, who has a history of leaking many closely-guarded Marvel secrets. For example, he leaked many plot points for Avengers: Endgame back in December like Thor gaining weight, James D’Arcy’s role from Agent Carter and appearances from Alexander Pierce, Rumlow, and Jack Collins. All these points were found to be real when the movie arrived.

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Doctor Strange 2 will possibly feature Brother VooDoo and Clea

Both Jericho Drum/Brother VooDoo and Clea are central to mythos of Doctor Strange, so there is a high possibility of them appearing in the movie. In fact, this has already been set up as his brother Daniel, who was the keeper of New York Sanctum, was murdered by Kaecilius in Doctor Strange. Check the tweet by @RogerWardwell below:

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Also, it has been leaked that Tilda Swinton will also reprise her role as The Ancient One. This will be her 3rd appearance in the MCU. The leak also says the film will be like a “1980s boogaloo.” The director of the movie is going to be Scott Derrickson with C. Robert Cargill as the scriptwriter, as of now. In an interview, Cargill said if he directs the movie, then he will feature Nightmare as the villain.

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Avengers: Endgame is now in theatres and Spider-Man: Far From Home will hit the theatres on July 2nd.

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