Doom Patrol Release Date, Doom Patrol Cast and Spoilers

Doom Patrol Photo

Earlier, it was announced that Doom Patrol release date on DC Universe will be December 12 this year. Now, it has been confirmed that the show will stick to its original 2019 release date. The Doom Patrol cast will be the same, like Matt Bomer starring as the Negative Man. Also, Brendan Fraser will be playing Robotman.

Matt Bomer Negative Man Photo

Doom Patrol Introduction

In fact, Brendan is the one who announced this update about Doom Patrol release date. He announced this at NYCC during the Titans Q&A session. The show will revolve around the superhero team of DC’s weirdos. The team will lead a mission assigned to them by Cyborg, played by Joivan Wade. The team will be first introduced in Episode 5 of the upcoming Titans series as the guest stars. Then the team will get their own series. It will serve as a backdoor pilot for the series and will focus on the team overall.

Brendan Fraser Robotman Photo

In the comics, the Doom Patrol served as an adoptive family to Beast Boy. It was before he joins the Teen Titans. The titular team returned to the comics with their comic written by Gerard Way. It was illustrated by Nick Derington and it ran for 11 issues. To fight the Brotherhood of Evil, the team appeared to help Beast Boy and the other Titans in the first two episodes of the final season of Teen Titans final season.

The show drops on DC Universe in 2019. Doom Patrol cast includes Timothy Dalton, Brendan Fraser, Joivan Wade, April Bowlby, Diane Guerrero, Alan Tudyk, and Matt Bomer.