Download Coin Master Mod Apk | Coin Master APK v3.5.2 (MOD Coins/Spins)

Coin master mod apk

The strategy games are quite popular among the gamers one such new game in the town is the coin Master. The Coin master is a strategy based game in which you have to build up your village using the coins or the stars that are earned with the help of the spins available in the game. Coin Master Mod apk for which you are here is at the bottom, so if you don’t want to read then just scroll down to the download coin master mod apk.

If you play the game you have come across the situation to want more and more spins to build up your village and grow in the game. You will be searching for the download coin master mod apk. So you are at the right place we have provided the mod app of coin master which you can download with ease.

Download Coin Master Mod Apk | Coin Master APK v3.5.2

App Name 
 Coin Master MOD APK
 Moon Active 
MOD Features: 
 Unlimited Coins/Spins 
Latest Version 
Android and iOS 


Download Coin master apk

If you like the strategy and pirate style type game than the coin master is for you. The games allow you to loot and steal the villages and places of other and you become richer and can use that loot or money in building up your village.

Coin Master is developed by the Moon Active and is available to download on both major mobile platforms the Android and the iOS. The size of the game is about 50 MB and it is available for free to download.

Download Coin Master Mod Apk | Coin Master APK v3.5.2

Build up your village

When you will start the game you will be given an uninhabited place or island where you have to build your first building or house of your village. Then you will have to build other resources that are there and needed in a society. You can build the gardens, statues and decorate your place in your own way.

As you will play and move ahead in the game you will require a lot of money to upgrade the items and build your village. You have to earn the most important term of the game the stars which are used to measure the wealth and the level of players. More stars mean you are superior than who have fewer stars than you. Once you finish building all the houses of a village you can unlock more villages or island and start building there.

Lucky wheel – Soul of the game

Download Coin Master Mod Apk | Coin Master APK v3.5.2

The soul of the game is the Lucky wheel- the main source of the coins. The lucky wheel is spinner that you spin and try our luck to get the coin and other things like the shields, opportunities to attack villages of other players or loot a friend’s money.

If you want to attack someone’s village they must have at least have three hammers that can be purchased for three gold coins and from where you get the gold coins, from the lucky wheel.

If you can attack other villages then they can also attack yours, so you would require a shield to protect your village. To get the shield you will require three consecutive shields. Especially get the symbol of 3 pink pigs will give you the opportunity to rob the money of other players.

Download Coin Master Mod Apk | Coin Master APK v3.5.2

Pirates like a true pirate

The lucky spin is the most important source to get the coin or the money but it is not the only way to get money, you can raid other villages, loot, and destroy enemies villages to earn the money and build your town. If someone has looted you earlier then you can take revenge from them and take back your wealth you have earned but remember he can also attack back, so make the shield of your village strong.

Download Coin Master Mod Apk | Coin Master APK v3.5.2

Download Coin Master Mod Apk 2018

We have provided the coin master mod apk links below from where you can choose the links and download them easily.

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Coin Master: Android App 

Coin Master: iOS App

Conclude: Coin Master Mod Apk 2018

Coin master is a strategy game and as already mentioned you have to build your empire by looting and attacking the villages of other players around the globe. The coin master game is supported on both Android and iOS and the size of the game is about 50MB. If the above coin master mod apk doesn’t work then or have some problem that might crash your game then we are not responsible. You are downloading the mod apks at your own risk. After you download these apks, do let us know are they working fine or not in the comments section below.

Download Coin Master Mod Apk | Coin Master APK v3.5.2

DISCLAIMER – Any member of team VoStory do not support the coin master mod apk and highly respect the legal terms, we highly recommend buying the original version to support the developers. The above post describing the steps for how to download the coin master mod apk  is just for the purpose of Tips & Tricks, not any kind of hacking is included.



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