How to download GBWhatsapp apk 2018 on Android device

How to download GB Whatsapp apk

How to download GB Whatsapp apk –

Whatsapp is the popular social media apps in the world, even more than the Facebook Messenger, which according to Facebook, has more reach than Whatsapp, but the active users are decreasing. Whereas, Whatsapp has billions of downloads in the app stores and millions of active users worldwide. The reasons for the popularity of the Whatsapp messenger is its simple design and smooth user interface, which makes it suitable for users of all age groups, and also it offers a number of features for its users, like multimedia support, voice messages, video calling, voice calling, emojis and a lot more. Whatsapp has a long list of features, but GB Whatsapp, which is a modded version of the app, has much more features, not only the new features but also the enhanced features, which allows the user to customize a lot in the same looking app. Here, we have listed the features of GB Whatsapp and steps for, how to download GB Whatsapp apk 2018 on Android device.

Here is a new version of the GB Whatsapp apk which comes with several improvements and bug fixes. The previous versions of the GB Whatsapp were not perfect, there were several bugs and some of the features of the official version were not accessible. Also, now there are no such problems, you can download GB Whatsapp without any worries.

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WhatsApp Plus Features –

Whatsapp is best, but the GB Whatsapp has a lot of features, which makes it even better than the official version. Some are just the upgraded version of the existing features, and other features are additional or we should say some features are extraordinary, and you will really like these features, so, check them out once.

GB Whatsapp is the modded version of the official Whatsapp app and comes with a list of features, the majority of which provide privacy features. The GB Whatsapp now supports the features, which was not available in the previous versions, so, you can enjoy the video chats with your friends, now the app supports even more languages. Also, now this version of GB Whatsapp is Anti-Ban version, so, there is no chance of getting a ban from Whatsapp, so, use it without any chance of losing your own official account.

Other than this, GB Whatsapp comes with the option, with which the user can hide the last seen option, so, no one can find out the last time you appeared online on the Whatsapp, not only this, you can change your last seen according to you. Also, there is a feature, with which user can disable the working of grey ticks, so, the ticks won’t turn blue even you read all the messages of the chat, and it won’t let another user see the status of the messages. You can use the Auto Reply feature to reply to the chat automatically, in a case when you can reply back. Also, now you can modify your last location according to you.

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There are some additional GB Whatsapp features too, like, the user can use the external player to play the content like video or music track in it. As in the official version, you can play the video only in the app, and exiting the app stops media to play. User can use the new DND mode, using which user mute a chat for some particular time, and in that time, you won’t get any kind of notification from that flagged chat. With the new GBWhatsapp, the user can make an online transaction using the bank account to any chat. It’s really a helpful feature, but we don’t recommend using this feature, as the app is not the official version, and thus, any problem may arise, making a loss of the money. Ad one of the best feature, that worth mentioning is that using the GBWhatsapp, user can send messages to any number without saving the number on your device specially to send the text on Whatsapp, this is really a helpful feature, sometimes there arise an situation in which you need to Whatsapp to any random number, but to do that, you would save the number first, but in GBWhatsapp, no need to save the number.

Other than all the above-mentioned features, GB Whatsapp comes with a really good feature, using which, the user can customize the appearance of the app easily. There is a long list of available color in the app, choose whatever you like.

How to download GB Whatsapp apk 2018


STEP 0 –

Before starting with the steps to install GB Whatsapp, make sure to create a backup of your Whatsapp data, so, you won’t lose any important data, like documents, chats, photos, and videos. To create a backup of the data, first of all, open the app, and go to the app Settings, and in the Chat option, select the Backup option. Tapping on the Backup option will start the backup procedure on your device, and the backup will take time, according to the amount of chat and media available for the backup. So, let it finish.


STEP 1 –

To use the GBWhatsapp, you need not uninstall the official Whatsapp, we can continue with the steps to install GB Whatsapp apk on the device, as you can keep both of the apps on your device, and use anyone at a time.

To start with, you need to, first of all, you need to download GB Whatsapp apk from the link mentioned below. You need to download the apk from the link only, as it is not available in the Play Store.



STEP 3 –

Now, you need to install the downloaded GB Whatsapp on your device. To do, this go to the downloads and select the apk to install the app on the device


STEP 4 –

After this, simply open the new GB Whatsapp and register the mobile number as you have done earlier in the official app.


STEP 5 –

After registration and verification of the mobile number, the next step is to restore the chats or the backup data. Simply, you need to select the Restore option which will appear on the screen.

If you have done the above-mentioned steps, you are done with all the steps for the procedure for, how to install download GB Whatsapp apk on Android.

In the case, you do not like the GB Whatsapp because of any reasons or want to use the official Whatsapp only. You can revert back the procedure, that is, create a backup of the app data. And uninstall the GB Whatsapp, and download the official app from the Play Store and register the mobile number to start using the app again.