How to Download music from Amazon prime music app with best quality


Download music from Amazon prime music app !!

We all love to listen music whether we are traveling or lying on your bed at night. Today there are a number of music apps and services for streaming music online like savan, ganna ,Jio music and Amazon prime music etc. But streaming music online is good untill you have the internet connection. But sometimes ,we travel or go to some places where there is no connectivity .So it’s better to download all your favourite songs on your smartphone. So ,Today we are specially talking about how to download music in Amazon prime music app in Best quality possible. So read on further to know how to do it.

Here are the steps to Download music from Amazon prime music app with best quality possible

Step 1: First download and install the Amazon prime music app ,if you haven’t already from playstore on Android devices and from app store on iOS devices.

Step 2: Open the Amazon prime music app and sign in with your membership ID.

Step 3 : Head on the settings of the Amazon prime videos app by tapping the settings icon on top left corner in the app.

Step 4: Now in the next menu under playback section select “Mobile networks stream quality“.
Here select “best” to steam and download songs in best possible quality.

Step 5: Now browse or search for the song which you are willing to download. Once you found the song ,just tap on it and open it .There you will find four options, one among which will be for downloading the songs . So just tap on it to download the song.

Now on wards all the songs you will stream or download will be in the highest possible quality.

By default in the Amazon prime music app the quality for music in not set to the highest. But as music is life we recommend to listen and download any music in best quality possible. As you will download the song only once ,so download it in the best quality nor matter whether you are using your mobile data .As hardly a songs is of 10 Mb .
Having content downloaded in your smartphone is always Good you don’t have to depend on the internet to watch and listen your favourite music ,movies and shows.
So that’s all for how to Download music from Amazon prime music app with best quality .So what are your favourite songs which you are planning to Download tell us down below in the comments section.

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