How to download Whatsapp Plus apk 2018 on Android device


How to download Whatsapp Plus apk-

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger apps in the world, even more, popular than the parent company’s messenger app, Facebook Messenger, with billions of downloads in the app stores and millions of active users worldwide. Whatsapp comes with a simple design and smooth user interface, and this is the reason, it has a lot of users of all age groups, and also it offers a number of features for its users, like the multimedia support, voice messages, video calling, voice calling, emojis and a lot more. Where Whatsapp comes with a lot of features, it lacks in some of the features too, and here, the Whatsapp Plus app comes, which is not available on Play Store, as it is not an official app by the company, but comes with a lot of additional features with the same user interface and design. Here, we have listed the steps for, how to download Whatsapp Plus apk 2018 on Android device.

Whatsapp Plus apk is quite popular for its additional features, but the previous version of the app was not perfect, as there were several bugs in the app, but here is a new version of the Whatsapp Plus apk which comes with several improvements and bug fixes. Also, now there are no such problems of account ban by Whatsapp.



WhatsApp Plus Features –

How to download Whatsapp Plus apk

Whatsapp plus has a lot of features, some of the features are just the upgraded version of the existing features, and other features are completely different and new, and you will really like these features, so, don’t forget to check them out.

Talking about the Whatsapp Plus features, the app provided a list of features providing several privacy features. With the Whatsapp plus app, the user can hide the last seen option, so, no one can find out the last time you appeared online on the Whatsapp. Also, you can use the Auto Reply feature to reply to the chat automatically, in a case when you can reply back. Also, there is a feature, with which user can disable the working of grey ticks, so, the ticks won’t turn blue even you read all the messages of the chat, and it won’t let another user see the status of the messages. Also, now you can hide your “typing…” status, this is not a very major feature, but you can use it if you want.

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Other than this, with the Whatsapp Plus app, a major problem of Whatsapp gets resolve, where the official app won’t allow the user to send any video with six more than a limited number. But, with the Whatsapp Plus app. User can send video with size up to 30Mb, which is really great for most of the Whatsapp users. And not only this, the Whatsapp Plus allows user to send any document with size more than 100Mb of size, which is again really satisfying for the users, who don’t want to switch to Gmail and another app to share the big sized files. Also, we know that, sometimes, the photos are compressed by Whatsapp and quality drops down when you send the high resolution to the other person, and also there is a limit to send the photos, but the Whatsapp Plus allows the user to send 10 photos with high resolution to any chat.

Other than these, the Whatsapp Plus app now supports the Video call feature, which was not available in the previous versions, so, you can enjoy the video chats with your friends. Also, now this version of Whatsapp Plus is Anti-Ban version, so, there is no chance of getting a ban from Whatsapp


How to download Whatsapp Plus apk 2018 


STEP 0 –

Before starting with the steps to install Whatsapp Plus apk, make sure to create a backup of your Whatsapp data, so, you won’t lose any important data, like documents, chats, photos, and videos. To create a backup of the data, first of all, open the app, and go to the app Settings, and in the Chat option, select the Backup option. Tapping on the Backup option will start the backup procedure on your device, and the backup will take time, according to the amount of chat and media available for the backup. So, let it finish.


STEP 1 –

After the backup procedure is completed, uninstall the Whatsapp app, that is already on your device. If you don’t have the app, continue from Step 2.


STEP 2 –

After uninstalling the official Whatsapp app, we can continue with the steps to install Whatsapp Plus apk on the device. And to start with, you need to, first of all, you need to download Whatsapp Plus apk from the link mentioned below. You need to download the apk from the link only, as it is not available in the Play Store.

DOWNLOAD Whatsapp Plus APK


STEP 3 –

Now, you need to install the downloaded Whatsapp Plus app on your device. To do, this go to the downloads and select the apk to install the app on the device


STEP 4 –

After this, simply open the new Whatsapp Plus app and register the mobile number as you have done earlier in the official app.


STEP 5 –

After registration and verification of the mobile number, the next step is to restore the chats or the backup data. Simply, you need to select the Restore option which will appear on the screen.

If you have done the above-mentioned steps, you are done with all the steps for the procedure for, how to install download Whatsapp Plus apk on Android.

In the case, you do not like the Whatsapp Plus because of any reasons or want to use the official Whatsapp only. You can revert back the procedure, that is, create a backup of the app data. And uninstall the Whatsapp Plus app, and download the official app from the Play Store and register the mobile number to start using the app again.