Dr Stone Chapter 75 Spoilers, Release Date, Story Plot

Dr Stone Chapter 74 Manga

The manga world is getting some really good stuff to read, as the two new mangas Promised Neverland and Dr Stone has got all the necessary elements to make it a big hit among the readers. In this article below, we will discuss the previous chapter and talk about Dr Stone Chapter 75 Spoilers. Dr Stone is an adventure-science fiction manga which has been penned down by Riichiro Inagaki and believes me guys he has done some fabulous work and it is a must-read for every manga fan out here.

Dr Stone Chapter 75 Spoilers

Before proceeding with the Dr Stone Chapter 75 Spoilers, let us gather the happenings of the last chapter. In the last chapter, we have observed Ukyo was ready to shift the sides and also help out Senku but only in one condition, there should not be any blood spilling. Senku agreed to it.

Dr Stone Chapter 75 Spoilers

We have also got to see the Taiju later in the chapter. There were some rounds fired up from the tank.

Tsukasa has paid tribute to its fellows

Then we have seen that the battle to take the Cave of Miracles has started and Senku and team manages to startle the Tsukasa

Dr Stone Chapter 75 Spoilers

Following the spoilers of the next chapter, we will see that who will take control over the Cave of Miracles. Also, at the end of the chapter Senku was saying these 20 seconds will determine the fate of humanity

Tsukasa will also be furious when he will come to know that Ukyo has betrayed him. We believe that it would not be difficult for Senku and team to get hold of the Cave of Miracles

Dr Stone Chapter 75 Manga Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 75 Manga has been scheduled to be released on 22nd September 2018