DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ game has been well received by the Dragon Ball lovers and the gaming community throughout the world. Recently, DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ has released a new update which has brought Party Battles to this fighting game. This DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ PARTY BATTLE is a limited time mode. In this timed event, three players will fight against a common enemy.


The first party battle which has been introduced in the game is “The Emperor Strikes Back” which feature Freiza as the enemy. Players will also receive Zenni for taking participation in the event. As we have seen, a lot of games has received an online multiplayer battle mode. Bandai Namco does not want to get left behind. With the introduction of the new mode, the company is looking to provide exciting content to the existing players and lure more players to this game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ producer, Tomoko Hiroki has released a video, mentioning the features of this new limited time Party Battle event.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ Party Battle event is already underway and will end on May 21st at 2 am EDT. The event flagged off on May 18th at midnight.

How to Play Dragon Ball FighterZ Party Battle

You can start playing the party battle, by visiting the lobby area and pressing the L2 key, and locate the Party Battle Area ( Bottom of the list)

You can communicate with the guy, in order to understand how this Dragon Ball FighterZ Party Battle work. You can make your own team with your friends by recruit team members or you can play with random players by clicking on Join a Team. Further, you need to select the number of wins your team want to go for and can select three levels Normal (3), Hard (5) and SuperHard (7).

Once you have selected on Join Team, you will be sent to the queue where you can modify your character, it’s skills and the sequence of fighters. When you will press the options button, you can change your character skills. These skills are those, which you have acquired during the course of the game. Each player can only select one skill to use. Players can choose the sequence, which player will go first. Both of these things can be changed in each battle.

Damages from one battle will pass around to next battle, so keep a check on your health bar in DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ PARTY BATTLE.


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