Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers- Its Goku Vs Goku

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

After the end of Dragon Ball Super, fans are now eagerly waiting for the canon series Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission. They don’t mind that it is only a small cannon series made for the promotion of arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. Its hype is same as upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. There are only a few days left before the premiere of anime and we have fresh Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers for you. Maybe some of you are well aware of the synopsis because of the game. But for others, this is warning as massive spoilers are ahead!!

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Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

The latest Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoiler sounds all crazy and hints toward a big clash.

“Goku vs Goku! A Transcendent Battle Begins on Prison Planet!!

Competing for Dragon Balls, Goku, Vegeta, Fū and a mysterious “Evil Saiyan” exerting overwhelming power begin an unprecedented intense battle.

As spoiler suggest Goku and Vegeta will go on the hunt for Dragon Balls like old time. This time they will face Fu and an Evil Saiyan in their way to rescue Trunks.

Gamers will be familiar with their reason to collect the Dragon Ball. According to the synopsis, Goku and Vegeta need special Dragon Balls in order to free Future Trunks along with themselves to free from Prison Planet.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers also hints towards a huge clash and this time it’s between Goku and Goku. I think you are fully aware that other Goku will be none other than Super Saiyan 4 Goku who will take on our main protagonist Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

Here is the full synopsis of the PR anime:

“Trunks returns from the future to train with Goku and Vegeta. However, he abruptly vanishes. The mysterious man “Fu” suddenly appears, telling them that Trunks has been locked up on the “Prison Planet”, a mysterious facility in an unknown location between universes. The group searches for the Dragon Balls to free Trunks, but an unending super battle awaits them! Will Goku and the others manage to rescue Trunks and escape the Prison Planet?”

Dragon Ball Heroes premiere will air on 1 July 2018.