Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 & Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers


Finally, the wait is over today, as we get to see the first episode of promotional anime Dragon Ball Heroes. This anime is only aired in Japan currently but you can catch its glimpse from the YouTube, where few fans have shared it. A few days back, we have already shared with you the synopsis of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 which follows the story of Future Trunks being captured in the Prison Planet and Goku, Vegeta goes there to rescue them. You can read here about, What is Prison Planet. Now not wasting any time further, let’s start our discussion and summary for the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1

1) Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 and Story Plot

The anime starts with Goku and Vegeta is training along with Whis, and Future trunks are also expected to train along with him. But Mai appears and tells she is not being able to locate the Future Trunks, which gets everyone worried. Suddenly, a character name Fu appears and tells Future Trunks is in deep trouble and is being captured in Prison Planet, where all the bad guys from world gather. But, this was trick played by Evil Fu who was also the creator of Prison Planet. Our Heroes fall into the trap and goes to Prison Planet to rescue the Future Trunks.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers

The moment they reach there, they get to face off with Goku SSJ4 (from future), who is a time patroller and punishes the bad guys travelling through time and dimensions. In the faceoff, Goku Blue battles against the Goku SSJ4, releasing Kamehameha at each other. Well, this trick was played by Goku SSJ4, he thought if he could combine the explosive power of two Kamehameha, there might be a chance to escape this planet.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers

But evil Fu tells them no matter what you do, until and unless they obtain special dragon balls, they can’t escape this prison planet. Goku SSJ4 shows that he has one dragon ball, but Fu tells there are other six dragon balls which are in hand of other fighters. In order to obtain them, you are required to defeat them. We are sure, all the other six fighters will be the list of some evil names from Dragon Ball history and we might also see some new character.

3) Trunks Imprisoned

At the end of the episode, we can see that Trunks is some sort of prison with handcuffs. He moves out of his prison room and sees Cooler standing above, who is asking for dragon ball from him.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers

We are sure you must have a lot in mind after reading the summary of  Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1, but now its now to talk about Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers.

Cooler Vs Trunks (Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers)

At the end of the episode, we saw that Cooler is enquiring about Dragon Ball from Trunks. So in the next episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, we will see the fight of Cooler against our hero Trunks.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers

Kanba Vs Super Saiyan Blue Vegito (Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers)

It can be seen in the preview of the episode, much awaited Kanba, the evil Saiyan is finally awakened and ready to take on our protagonist Goku and Vegeta. Kanba looks fierce and extremely powerful and it will be difficult for our heroes to beat that guy easily. We are likely to see Goku and Vegeta unleashing their full range of power to take down the Kanba. and in order to capture the particular dragon balls to escape the prison planet

Goku and Vegeta will fuse into Super Saiyan Blue Vegito with the help of Potara earrings. What makes it even more interesting is, Super Saiyan Blue Vegito will be using a kaioken attack in order to match the speed and attacks of Kanba

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime

Introduction of Majin Ozotto (Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers)

In the next episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, we might see the appearance of Majin Ozotto. Majin Ozotto has the resemblance from both Cell and Frieza. As his design is based on cell and his display attributes are similar to Frieza second form.

His first appearance was in  Sega System 32 arcade game Dragon Ball Z: V.R.V.S. in 1994. Majin Ozotto is also imprisoned on the Prison Planet by Fu, he is holding the Three-Star Special Dragon Ball.

The appearance of Kaio-Shin Female character (Dragon Ball Episode 2 Spoilers)

From the look of her clothes, it can be seen that she is a member of Kaio-Shin family, in the next episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, we can see our Heroes standing up against this mysterious character, but in the moment of flash, we can see Goku and Vegeta find themselves standing in front of Kanba, the evil Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Release Date (Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers)

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 has been scheduled to air on July 16 in Japan. A short glimpse of the episode will be shown in the  Jump Victory Carnival. A lot of strong characters will be battling out each other on the Prison planet with the motive to gain the hold of all seven dragon balls. It will be interesting to see, how the animation will take place as they are producing the episode for the duration of 8 minutes.