Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 Spoilers, Synopsis, Release Date

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 Spoilers

Dragon Ball anime franchise is not going to end anytime soon, as its promotional series is still going well. Dragon Ball Heroes made its debut last year after few months of the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super. It is still airing, and a synopsis of next episode has surfaced online. So, let’s check out the synopsis, but you should be aware that it could contain massive Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 spoilers.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 Spoilers, Synopsis

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 Spoilers

In episode 8, Trunks and Vegeta fought along with Universe 6’s fighter against a pair of Tsufurians. At the end of the episode, Jiren stands firm against Cumber who invaded Universe 11. The episode ended with Goku preparing for its return after training under Grand Priest.

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 9 will be called “Goku Revived!! Strongest vs. Strongest Collide!”. You can read its synopsis below:

“Jiren stands before Cumber, who has appeared and run amok in Universe 11. A fearsome battle unfolds between the two. Just then, Goku, whose whereabouts had been unknown, appears alongside the Great Priest.”

The next episode gonna the best one as Goku has been revived and coming back after training with the strongest after Omni-king, Grand Priest. This time Goku will surely put down Cumber as it will be his second chance against the mighty villain. Jiren will also go against Cumber who has appeared in Universe 11. After, being introduced in Dragon Ball Super, Jiren has become a favorite as his strength rivals that of Goku.


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