Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Leak,Vegeta to eliminate after Android 17

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As you know Dragon Ball Super is just about to end after 4 episodes and the intensity of the tournament is increasing henceforth raising the interest of fans and Dragon Ball lovers. Every day, new fan theories keep coming, and every approach is unique. We also got the title of upcoming episode 128 and 129.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

The title of Episode 128 is “With Noble Pride To The End! Vegeta Falls!”. By the title, you would have figured out what will happen in episode 128. It will be the elimination of prince Vegeta by the overwhelming Jiren. Vegeta fans would be disappointed to see this but he has done all things to prevent Universe 11 and keeping his promise to Cabba. He has already pushed his limit in order to defeat the Hakaishin Toppo (God of Destruction) in Episode 126. He also got new form beyond  the Super Saiyan Blue (Beyond God) but as title hints, he will not able to defeat overwhelming and extremely powerful  Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

From this, it is almost confirmed that Android 17 will be eliminated in the Episode 127 “The Final Barrier of Hope”   because he is less powerful than Vegeta. So if Vegeta will eliminate in Episode 128, Android 17 likely to be eliminated in an upcoming episode in order to prevent injured Goku and Vegeta as shown in Preview. And as the name suggests “The Final Barrier of Hope”, Android 17, will releasing his most  powerful energy barrier in order to save Goku & Vegeta from some very powerful move or energy blast from Jiren. 

Jiren in episode 127 has already two different color Kai’s surrounding him, suggesting his power levels has reached to another greater levels

Episode 127 will air on 11th February and 128 will on 18th February.

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