Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Title Leaked , Return Of The Ultra Instinct

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As we know that the tournament of power is reaching its conclusion and there are only 4 fighters left in the tournament( excluding missing Frieza). From the preview of episode 127, you would have got the hint about the Jiren overwhelming power. Now he has started showing his true power and Goku and Co. are struggling against him. The true power of Jiren is extremely destructive as we can see from the image art show below of Dragon Ball Super suggesting the fight of 3 against 1, which includes Android 17, Prince Vegeta Super Saiyin Blue form, Goku Super Saiyin Blue (Ultra Instinct) against only one fighter from Universe 11- Jiren The Gray

As from the leaked title of Episode 128 it is confirmed that Vegeta will be eliminated from the tournament and after the Android 17 who will be eliminated in Episode 127

We have also got the Title of episode 129, ”Breakthrough the limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!!. This episode will be a treat for the Goku’s and Dragon Ball Superfans. Finally, the limit breaker form or Ultra Instinct will make its return and as the title says this time Goku will mastered it. Ultra Instinct form, when we seen last time in the Dragon Ball Super can only be kept for a small period of time as it increase the energy levels to extreme highs like Kaioken attack. As the episode is indicating Goku has mastered it, so it will be interesting to see, will it be another type of final form which he can sustain for prolong amount of time or a sudden burst of energy in which he requires to finish the task or give maximum damage to it’s opponent in a certain period of time

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

It will be interesting to see that what will happen when Jiren with Overwhelming power and Goku with mastered Ultra Instinct form fights 1v1.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

The result of this tournament is still a matter of great speculation and is highly awaited by Dragon Ball Fans all over the world. The tournament of power is becoming truly intimidating and pumps your heart and body with adrenaline rush to support Universe 7 in this colossal fight between the two most powerful universe

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