Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Confirm Spoilers- Final Barrier

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Dragon Ball Super is getting more captivating day by day as tournament of power is reaching its conclusion. Last weekend episode 125 was aired in which Frieza and Android 17 takes head to head fight and at a certain point of time they were on the verge of eliminating Toppo. But Toppo transformation to Hakaishin (god of destruction) made everyone stun. We observed, after that transformation, he had upper hand on the Frieza and Android 17 for the rest of episode because of deadly power of destruction. He almost knock the Frieza out of boundary but was saved by Android 17.

In the preview of episode 126  little  hint has been given that now Vegeta will take the fight with God Toppo with a life-risking blow. But what will we be the exact plot is still the matter of speculation.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Confirm Spoilers
From recent confirm leak of episode 127 episode it can be predicted that what will happen in 126th episode.

Firstly, let us look at spoiler:

From the title of episode 127 “A Looming Obstacle! Pinning Hope on a Final Barrier “ It is confirmed that Android 17 is still in the tournament and he will play the most important role in that episode. From the start of the tournament, he is being MVP for Universe 7. This time in spite of being injured he will make a life-risking strategy to help Goku and Vegeta to fight the Jiren whose power is increasing at alarming rate.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Confirm Spoilers

The spoilers are really amazing because these are also giving some good news about episode 126.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Confirm Spoilers

As written in the spoiler that Android 17 will help Goku and Vegeta means in episode 126 something happens to Toppo and Vegeta is still in the tournament. Two things are possible that

  • Firstly, As 126 title say Transcending God! Vegeta’s Self-Risky Blow, Vegeta will reach beyond god form which surpasses the Toppo god of destruction and knocks him down.
  • Secondly, Toppo is badly injured by the Prince Vegeta’s power and unconscious like Frieza.Let’s hope that he will be eliminated. Episode 126 will air on 4 February and 127 will on 11 February

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