Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Major Spoiler

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

Goku mastered Ultra Instinct

Before you proceed, reading the article, spoiler, we want to inform you that there would be no episode release on this Sunday (i.e. on 25th February). This Sunday will be really difficult for every Dragon Ball fans.

Now, returning towards the article, we have major spoilers of Dragon Ball Super episode 129 and some leaked images of Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct. Over the last couple of episodes, we have seen a lot of action as well as it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. In the most recent episode, we saw Prince Vegeta saved Goku by giving his Ki, and ultimately Jiren eliminated Vegeta.

Now for episode 129, Goku fully powered “Ultra Instinct”, which was revealed as per designed by Sir Akira Toriyama. Herms98 and KenXyro tweeted a picture of Goku’s new form of Ultra Instinct in DBS episode 129 which will be go air on March 4th.

This is Mr. Akira Toriyama’s illustration!! Also, we have already watched Goku’s final Ultra Instinct form in the old version of Dragon Ball Z games, when we used to speak his another super Saiyan form.

But those were childhood days!

Also, we get some brief about Goku’s new form:-

His body responds to every attack on its own and counterattacks! The time has come to unveil the completed form of Ultra Instinct. Expect great things from this, the strongest Son Goku in history!

And some information by KenXryo:

Let’s discuss title and brief of episode 129.

Title:- Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

Transcend, Limit Break!

Mastering Ultra Instinct!!

Two minutes remain in the Tournament of Power. Only Goku and Jiren remain on the stage at last. Goku struggles hard against Jiren’s overwhelming attacks but at that moment, Goku’s eyes begin to shine silver.”

After going through this brief, many fans are confused about Frieza. Is he alive or not? No one knows, but this is sure that episode 129 is going to be very interesting.


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