Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 & 131 Titles Revealed

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With the end of the tournament of the power, Dragon Ball Super will end and its now just a matter of some weeks. On the 25th March with the final episode, most loving series will bid farewell to all Dragon Ball fans.

If you want some information about the last two episodes, we got the provisional titles of episode 130 & 131.

According to the translator @Herms98’s tweet, the provisional title for the episode 130 is “An Unprecedented Super Showdown.” and for the episode 131 is “Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again.”

From the title of episode 130, it seems that the battle between Jiren and Goku will be on next level. It also clears that Goku will  not get defeat by the Jiren’s full power punch in episode 129 spoilers that we mentioned earlier. The episode 130 will be the conclusion of the power of the tournament.

As you can see the title of episode 131 is  “Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again.”  and it is familiar to every dragon ball fan. The final episode of Dragon Ball GT has that same title  “Goodbye, Goku… Until the Day We Meet Again.” The title focuses on the farewell of the series. One thing that can be predicted from the title that Universe 7 will win the power of the tournament as title directly references Goku. There are most chance of happening this because if Jiren beat Goku and Universe 11 wins they will not revive all other Universe.

The show is ending with these titles and there is no further info on the return of the show. But fans are hoping for the early return of the show. One good thing for the fans is the Dragon Ball movie which will release in December 2018. It will focus on the Origin of the Saiyans and their life. It is a very different story and concept in whole Dragon Ball History and it will worth to watch this movie.

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