Dragon Ball Super is returning in July 2019, reports suggests

Dragon Ball Super 2019

New reports are suggesting that Dragon Ball Super is marking its return in July 2019. Dragon Ball fans are really excited and thrilled to hear out this new by none other than Yonkou Production, who is a lead anime news provider on Twitter and Reddit.

Earlier this news was shared by Geekdom101, later on, Yonkou Production mentioned it Twitter by saying, “Naohiro Shintani is still the character designer. It’s been in production since last year and they’re working on the key animation currently.”


Dragon Ball Super was a really successful series during its run last year under the Tournament of Power arc.

As Naohiro Shintani will look after the character designs, it means we will see a somewhat similar art style to Dragon Ball Super Broly.

There is no official word by Toei Animation or Shueisha over this matter yet.

Twitterati has already gone crazy with the excitement and the news of the return of Dragon Ball Super anime. They have shared their enthusiasm on Twitter with these tweets.


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