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Sim cards first introduced in 1991, since then it has changed the world of communication in a significant way. The history of Sim Cards is quite interesting when it comes to size variation; it has gone through several development phases from the size of a credit card to size of a nail. eSim will change the course of communication completely in the coming time


What is eSim Technology?

Sim (Subscriber Identity Modules) serves as an object to store information required for verification & allows users to connect to available to 2G/3G network. Sim cards were widely accepted for over two decades in the communication industry. Each sim card bears serial number & network information; consumers can change sim from one phone to other without registering the device. It has so many pros, but every technology has its certain time and needs to evolve with the pace of time. One of the major drawbacks of Sim, is we are required to change our sim card when switching to other network providers. However, with the introduction of eSim, this will be thing of past.

eSim(Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) , its embedded within the phone body and will replace the requirement of plastic sim cards & sim slots. It will electronically stores the user profile required for authentication for connection to certain carrier or network.

Now the question arises here why there is need for change. How eSim is better or good than traditional sim? What are benefits of eSim?

Benefits of E- Sim

  • Easier Carrier/Network Switch – Allows connecting to the desired network eliminating the need to order new sim & wait for its activation
  • Avoid International Roaming Bills – If you are travelling in a different country, connect to a local network, just paying price as per your plan for day, week or month or any certain time period
  • Switch Plan/Carriers – You can easily switch between plans and carriers, let say Vodafone introduced exciting new year plans, you can switch from your current network & plans in matter of minutes
  • Lighter phones – With the removal of slim slots, it will add an extra space to phone and minimizes the weight of the phone.
  • eSim ready Laptops – All the big manufacturers are working on the utilisation of E-Sim technology. With E-Sim enabled laptops, one does not have to seek Wi-Fi, you can easily connect to your internet plan of your network.

In September 2017, Apple presented Apple Watch Series 3, the first smartwatch with LTE based on eSim. Now we are observing more smartwatch coming with eSim technology.

Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL became the first phones to have eSim technology, which is only available for users who have made the purchase of phone via Project Fi or Google Play Store

Image Source: telekom.com

In coming future, many auto manufacturers are already researching and developing methods to utilise eSim technology in their smart cars. By the year 2021, we will see many of other devices and industries also connected to the new network technology.

eSim India/eSim Airtel and eSim Reliance Jio 

Well currently, Indian telecom giants including Airtel and Reliance Jio are going to launch eSim technology with Apple Watch series 3 this weekend May’2018


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