Edens Zero Chapter 10 Manga Spoliers, Release Date, Shiki Vs Sibir

Edens Zero Chapter 10 Manga Spoilers

Edens Zero is a fantasy and science fiction based manga which has been penned down by Hiro Mashima. This manga comes under the Weekly Shonen Magazine. The Edens Zero manga follows the story of Shiki Granball along with her partner Rebecca and happy. The manga is looking very promising, as it holds good storyline so far and it is look more better than Fairy Tail, which is also authored by the same author Hiro Mashima. In the article below, we will cover about the current chapter and talk about the possible Edens Zero Chapter 10 Spoilers

Edens Zero Chapter 10 Manga Spoilers

Before heading to Edens Zero Chapter 10 Spoilers, let us discuss about the events and happenings of the last chapter. In the last chapter, we came to know, the robot who Shiki thought is Michael is actually Johnny. The robot confirmed Shiki, they are mass produced which might be the reason, he is looking similar to Michael. He also tells Shiki that Sibir after using us , just throw us away in the dumping ground. On the other hand, the foot brothers showed perversive side and were really flattered by Rebecca sexy legs. The Shiki comes from the ground and uses heavy spin kick attack and toss away the Foot Brothers. After that we see Weisz battling with Sibir, but then again Shiki comes to their rescue to Em Pino and Weisz

Edens Zero Chapter 10 Manga

Edens Zero Chapter 10 Manga Spoilers

Edens Zero Chapter 10 Manga Spoilers

The Edens Zero Chapter 10 has been named as “We are friends, aren’t we? In the last few chapters back if you try to remember, in Shiki’s first meeting with Em Pino, he says we are friends right to Em Pino, but Em Pino ran away to her master Sibir, as she was terrified.

Edens Zero Chapter 10 Manga Spoilers

In the next chapter of Edens zero, we will see the battle between Sibir and Shiki, where Shiki uses his ether gear to defeat the Sibir and hence saving Em Pino. Also, we will see Em Pino will befriend Shiki.

Edens Zero Chapter 10 Manga Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 10 is scheduled to release on 5th September 2018



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