Edens Zero Chapter 11 Manga Spoilers- Machina Maker, Release Date


Before getting into the next chapter spoilers, firstly let us gather the happenings of the last chapter. In the Edens Zero Chapter 10, we have observed the battle between Shiki and Sibir. The chapter was focused on the bond between Shiki and EMP. Shiki uses his ether gear and smashes away the Sibir, then when Sibir try to use the power of his giant robotic machine, EMP uses the electromagnetic signal to shut down his machine and then finally taken down by Shiki. In the chapter, EMP sees that Shiki cares for the life of EMP, even though she is just a robot. This made EMP realize that Shiki is a person who cares about the robot. Shiki tells EMP, we are friends right. EMP request Shiki to take along with him. Now, Shiki and team do not have ID for this planet and police is behind Weisz, as previously he was associated with Sibir clan.

Rebecca takes Shiki and others to the spaceship and they try to evade the police and get back to the Blue Garden. But the police does not let the ship take off by using energy field. Surprisingly, Sibir was also present in the ship and he tells Rebecca to hand over the ship

Edens Zero Chapter 11 Manga Spoilers

Edens Zero Chapter 11 Manga Spoilers

Edens Zero Chapter 11 Manga Spoilers

In the Edens Zero Chapter 11, we will see Weisz taking the charge of the ship and gets the spaceship to the safe zone. Now the question arises, how our heroes will get back in their timezone. We believe that Weisz will come to help in order to take Shiki and Rebecca back in their time zone.

Edens Zero Chapter 11 Spoilers

Also in the upcoming chapter, we may see the inclusion of a bunny girl character in the Shiki and team, as the recently released cover of Edens Zero Manga shows a bunny girl on the right side of the image