How to Enable Navigation Gestures in Android P

How to enable navigation Gestures in Android P

How to enable navigation Gestures in Android P

Google CEO Sundar Pichai today, kicked off the Google IO 2018 at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California. And as we know, Google Developer Preview for the upcoming Android P arrived months back. Now in the Google IO 2018 event, tech giant revealed the features of the upcoming Android P. Google proved again that this is the era for Artificial Intelligence powered devices. Google not only revealed the new OS features like gestures but also the new abilities of Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos, and more. So, would you like to try the new navigation gestures on your Android P device? So read on further to know how to enable  navigation gesture in Android P:

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How to Enable Navigation Gestures in Android P

The method to enable the new gestures is pretty simple and straightforward, you just have to tap and enable a few things right inside the settings of your phone. Follow the steps Given below the do it.

Step 1. First, you Have to open the settings on your phone and scroll down to find the System and open it, then in the next menu head over to Gestures.

Settings System Gestures

Step 2. In the next menu that will appear after clicking on Gestures, an option for “Swipe up on Home button”. will be there, So Tap on that.

Swipe up on Home button


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Step 3. Now, here enable the option Swipe up on Home button to use the navigation gestures.

Enable Swipe up on Home button

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That’s all, after doing this your navigation Gestures will be enabled. The look of the button will also change. Now as you have successfully enabled the new control options to use your device, it will be much easier to control your device. Now, You just have to swipe up to view recent tasks and swipe right and left to navigate through them.

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Andriod P navigation gestures !!

Navigation gestures in the new Andriod P resemble and are inspired from the Apple IphoneX. But it seems ok as the gestures are an easy and fun way to control your phone. Do you like the New navigation gestures of Andriod P or happy with the traditional way of buttons to control your device? Do tell us in the comments section below.


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