Epic Games received $ 1.25 Billion Funding from the investors, Fortnite Success continues

Epic Games $ 1.25 Billion Funding Investors

Epic Games has already stirred up the whole gaming and esports world with its grand success. But the good times for the Epic Games are not stopping here, as the grand success and popularity of Fortnite have earned $1.25 Billion in funding from the investors

aXiaomatic is the company who has financed the billion dollars to the Epic Games

In addition to this, Epic Games have also received investment from a few other investors also including the KKR, Iconiq Capital, Smash Ventures. Vulcan Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and Lightspeed Venture Partners

Epic Games received $ 1.25 Billion Funding

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This also signifies the brand value of Epic Games and its immense pillar of growth month by month

Esports is still a budding industry and when big rounds of funding will boost the industry, it will help to flourish more

Recently, NBA legend Michael Jordan has invested $25 million in the esports industry.

The reports from big media houses are suggesting that Esports will industry will grow bigger in the coming two years

Rod Breslau, a prominent esports journalist has shared some interesting facts showcasing Tencent owning stakes in all the big esports game developing companies


With this sort of boosts from business tycoons, celebrity and legendary players, the esports industry growth is inevitable