Epic Games announces changes to the Fortnite Balloons Fall Damage

Balloons In Fortnite
Image By Epic Games

The latest Fortnite update from Epic Games has brought novelty of changes to the game. The list of changes includes the introduction of Balloons to the game, also the developers of the game have announced the end time for Fortnitemares, which will be further wrapped up by the Fortnitemares Finale event.

Amidst this, the Epic Games have announced slight changes for the Fall damage.

After the inclusion of the Balloon, Epic Games have released an update mentioning the formula used for the calculation of the Fall Damage.

Before the update, v6.21 Fall Damage was calculated on the basis of the height of the player from above the ground. But now it has been changed to the velocity based system.

Fortnite Balloons Fall Damage

Fortnite Balloons Fall Damage

The latest system utilises the velocity of the player in the air, to calculate the fall damage but it was made slight aggressive and result of which players are dying often

Now, the Epic Games has said that they will be releasing a fix to reduce the fall damage to a balanced level which should not result in an unnecessary elimination of the player

No further information has been revealed when the fix will be released. But the fix for this issue is expected to come soon.

Fortnite Balloons Fall Damage

In an official statement from Epic Games, the following details have been mentioned

With the introduction of Balloons, we added a different formula for how fall damage is calculated. The new formula uses velocity (as opposed to falling height), and we probably made it a bit too aggressive.

We’re currently working on a hotfix to reduce the damage amount in similar scenarios so it’s non-lethal. This will be live shortly and we’re curious to hear your feedback.

Moving forward, we’ll be looking at other ways to make it obvious that fall velocity will result in fall damage.



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