Epic Games announces Fortnite Update v6.21 for Fortnite Season 6 Balloons

Balloons In Fortnite
Image By Epic Games

Epic Games has announced the release for the fifth update for the Season 6. The update v6.21 will be released tomorrow along with its patch notes

The Epic Games has made this announcement by means of their official Twitter handle mentioning Float into the v6.21 update

Fortnite Update v6.21

If you will look the words here closely, you might get the hint that the “Gravity Defying Balloons” are the sure items which will be included in the game.

Fortnite Update v6.21 Schedule, Timings

As per the mentioning timings and schedule, The downtime for the Fortnite update v6.21 will begin on October, 31st at 4 AM ET (0800 UST)

For the Indian Standard Time, the update will go live on 1st November 1.30 PM and BST 8 AM, 1st November

As we have noticed earlier, during the downtime time, the matchmaking is disabled temporarily for 20-25 minutes.

Also, as the downtime for the game will begin, its patch notes will be released just before it.

One confirm item for the update is Gravity Defying Balloons, which can also be seen on the pre-lobby announcement screen.

Fortnite Update v6.21

With the new update rolling in tomorrow players should expect the release of new cosmetics and skins for the game.

More Halloween based items can also be expected to be added to the game, as this Fortnitemares event will run till November 26th, 2018