Epic Games Fortnite Floating Island moved to Corrupted Areas

Fortnite Season 6

Epic Games Fortnite shared a post on their official Twitter Handle mentioned the Darkness Rises, which is suspected something extraordinary will happen in the game.

Following this tweet, the Floating Island which erupted over the Loot Lake started moving. The Island moved slowly and reached to the Corrupted Area above the rune created by it.

Surprisingly, the Floating Island is moving the reverse order, as it was the last place where the rune was created by the big giant purple cube earlier

Once the Island will move to the Corrupted Area, it will create the Corruption Vents which is related to previously leaked data mined files known as Volcanic Pits

Epic Games Fortnite Floating Island

In the video above, one can see the Island has been placed above the multiple Corruption Areas and volcanic pits can be seen at some locations

Epic Games Fortnite Floating Island

Epic Games Fortnite Floating Island

Fortnite players are supporting the previous theory and also the Fortnite Season 6 has been titled as Darkness Rises. They believe that as these volcanic pits or Corruption Vents has been created, as per its name, the vent will bring corruption to this world.

So saddle up Fortnite Players a lot of darkness is about to come in the Fortnite Season 6 World